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We Mean Business.

Business Hub is a publication designed to promote business excellence and achievement by creating a platform that promotes, motivates and mentors other business owners. It is an online repository for existing and aspiring small business owners.

We cover topics such as business structure, financing, selling to the government, using social media and more.

Our Team.

We are proud to have such talented team to produce such meaningful and impactful content to Canadians. We employ open minded and enthusiastic youth to deliver the best content possible. Comprised of journalist and editors, we have an expert team that help Canadians gain exposure to the business world.



Ontario Learning Development Foundation produces such amazing content from Youth Mind, to Newcomer, to Black Voice. I can’t wait to explore more content in their newest publication!


I have found that the content from previous publications such as Newcomer to be inspiring and motivational. If that is an indication for what is to come from Business Hub, then we are in for a treat!


The writers at Ontario Learning Development Foundation are truly knowledgeable and provide great content.