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Boom, fizzle, BOOM: Navigating e-commerce in the post-pandemic world

Over the last couple of years, the e-commerce landscape has changed extraordinarily. The COVID-19 pandemic amplified e-commerce sales as consumers were forced to shop online due to lockdown restrictions. However, this rapid growth came to a halt after in-person shopping resumed. This resulted in multiple e-commerce companies laying off employees, including Amazon, which cut 27,000 […]

Energy-efficient establishments: Ontario grants and programs that provide small businesses with energy-efficient technology

According to a 2023 study by Unite for Change, 75 per cent of Canadians are concerned about climate change. The study also shows that Canadians rank climate change as one of the main risks to their future.  The anxiety around climate change is primarily due to fossil fuel companies, the largest contributors to climate change. […]

Funding your future: Five scholarships for Ontario business students

Post-secondary education is expensive, and finding external financial aid can sometimes be challenging. It can be hard knowing where to begin looking. However, financial support is out there and readily available. Here is a list of some scholarships available for business students in Ontario. Double A Solutions Annual Scholarship This scholarship is available for any […]

How Indigenous values can enhance sustainability in Canadian businesses

Colonization severely suppressed Indigenous peoples’ values and cultural practices and replaced them with a Western outlook. Canada attempted to eliminate Indigenous peoples’ cultural practices, languages, and core values by developing the residential school system, the Sixties Scoop and the Indian Act. Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples is an ongoing and continuous effort. Therefore, Canadians should give […]

The rise of minimalism in branding: Is less really more?

Many brand logos have recently switched to a minimalist style, opting for simpler designs rather than elaborate detail. For example, the Burger King logo lost its blue swoop and angled text, while the Pringles logo mascot, Mr.P, lost more intricate features, including his hair. Are these changes beneficial? Is minimalist design always the way to […]

Inspirational innovation: Meet Canada’s medical pioneers

Entrepreneurship is not typically associated with the field of medicine. Yet, integrating the two has led to much-needed innovations that have revolutionized and improved healthcare for millions. Many medical professionals have applied their ambition and creative visions to positively impact the medical field, including Canadian visionaries who have contributed to medical research for decades. Read […]

How the body positivity movement in marketing is advocating for inclusion over idealism

One of marketing’s prime functions is to reflect all different types of people so that viewers can resonate with the advertising they see daily. To accurately depict people’s differences, marketing campaigns must showcase different people in their advertisements and demonstrate that their products are accessible to a wide audience. One of the ways that businesses […]

Can you build it? Yes, you can: Popular website builders for business owners

Websites are essential for any small business, yet not everyone has the skills and knowledge necessary to build one from the ground up. From coding to designing, crafting a website from scratch can seem daunting. However, there are several website-building services available that offer a wide range of ready-made templates to use. Many of these […]

Canadian storefronts are sitting empty. Here’s why that’s detrimental to communities

Some downtowns in Canadian cities feel emptier than ever. The so-called “retail apocalypse,” a term coined in 2017, has been an ongoing problem for several years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated the shuttering of retail spaces.  Some brick-and-mortar spaces survived by rapidly adapting to a new retail landscape, such as restaurants converting into grocery […]

The benefits of operational transparency and how to achieve it

Consumers shop from all different types of businesses and are naturally curious about their purchases. This curiosity is heightened among ethically conscious shoppers who want to know how a business supplied a product, where it came from, and the materials used in production. These factors showcase the hard work it took for the product to […]