The tipping point of tip-flation: Has it gone too far? 

Many Canadians are tired of the recent rise in tipping. A study by the Angus Reid Institute found that 83 per cent of Canadians believe too many places are asking for tips these days. The same survey found this attitude in at least three-quarters of participants across all Canadian regions and demographics. While most Canadians […]

The retirement crisis: What young Canadians need to know about planning for the future

Retirement can seem impossible for many people. Earlier this year, BMO’s annual retirement study found that Canadians believe they need $1.7 million to retire, a 20 per cent increase from 2020. Yet, only 44 per cent of Canadians are confident they will have enough to retire, marking a 10 per cent decrease from 2020. These […]

Cutting back

There are many things to consider when starting a business. However, expenditures need to be monitored for everything to run smoothly.  There are many ways to minimize spending, and some methods are so simple they might even get overlooked.  Here are some easy ways to help your business’ bottom line through cost reduction.  Buying second-hand […]

Turning a profit on trading cards

The buzz around investing in collectibles has been on the rise.  Trusted sources have been quick to celebrate the earning-potential of this alternative investment. Guinness World Records recently validated a record-breaking $5.275 million US Pokémon card sale by YouTube personality Logan Paul.   In another recent account, a private investor paid$2 million US for a copy […]

A guide to grants for small business owners

Navigating the early stages of starting a business as a Canadian business owner can be challenging. One of the first steps in your financial plan should be applying for federal and provincial grants. Yearly, small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play key roles in the growth of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) and employment rates. As […]