Big business speeds with small business charm: how to automate your small business

Sometimes running a business can seem like a chore. Between tasks like bookkeeping, invoicing, customer service, marketing and advertising, owners and managers can spend most of their time on administrative duties. These administrative duties eat up a lot of time and money for business owners. This time could be spent serving clients or on business […]

AI art apocalypse: how AI is transforming art

We are living in a generation where technology is rapidly changing. In many ways, technology makes life more efficient. For instance, sharing photos or talking to friends across the globe is a lot easier, thanks to common digital tools. The evolution of technology has made people more connected and digitally literate. However, other aspects of […]

Website building for your small business

Creating a website is an important part of building a business today. Many businesses have abandoned brick and mortar altogether and opted to save money on rent. They’re doing so through a digital storefront.  In 2020, Canadian businesses brought in over $350 billion in sales, whereas the physical retail sector earned $22 billion. The COVID-19 […]