The benefits of operational transparency and how to achieve it

Consumers shop from all different types of businesses and are naturally curious about their purchases. This curiosity is heightened among ethically conscious shoppers who want to know how a business supplied a product, where it came from, and the materials used in production. These factors showcase the hard work it took for the product to […]

Move over extroverts, the introverts are here to interview

Interviews can cause a lot of stress for job seekers. The process is difficult for many people between articulating strengths and weaknesses, selling skills and adapting to unanticipated curveballs. Introverts or those who don’t do well in stressful situations may find interviewing particularly challenging. Interviews traditionally favour extroverted and outgoing individuals who make great first […]

Creating comfort: Developing accessible workplaces

Improving accessibility to meet employee needs has been a topic of growing importance in recent years. Ensuring that all employees are able to perform their jobs properly and safely should always be a priority for business owners. An article from the Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR) revealed that when applying for jobs, many people […]

Becoming a better leader

The Oxford dictionary defines leadership as the act of leading, which is a necessary skill in business. Yet, there’s a misconception about the ideal leader being authoritarian and extroverted.  In fact, good leaders can vary in terms of leadership style and personality. They can be transformational, delegative, transactional or participative leaders. They may also be […]