No-cringe networking

Networking is an essential part of the business world. Studies have shown that networking improves job prospects, helps boost perceived value and increases access to industry information. If networking is important, why do so many people avoid it? According to Lizzie Sutton, a social media coordinator working for a Toronto-based tech company, there could be […]

Bossy bias: why are female leaders viewed as aggressive?

Assertiveness is considered a core communication skill in the workplace. It enables individuals to express their opinions while respecting other perspectives. It can lead to improved confidence, efficient collaboration and increased respect for management teams. Additionally, it can help generate new opportunities, such as promotions, as assertiveness is a key characteristic of a successful leader. […]

Shopping local, shopping global: The differences between global and local consumer culture

Where you spend your money is just as important as what you spend it on. Each organization, whether a corporation or small business, varies in the products or services they provide, what they support, the value they bring to a community and where they decide to spend the money they receive from consumers. Where an […]

Speaking and negotiating in the right business language

According to the Oxford dictionary, negotiating means trying “to reach an agreement.” While seemingly straightforward, it is no easy feat for beginners or seasoned professionals. However, language and negotiating skills may help. Here are some of the most popular international business languages, negotiation styles and techniques. They’re based on top spoken languages in regions and […]

Extinguish the fire: Preventing employee burnout

Burnout is a global epidemic officiated as an occupational phenomenon by the World Health Organization in 2019. It’s characterized as chronic feelings of exhaustion, increased cynicism or apathy for one’s job and reduced professional efficacy.  Since then, organizational structures and workplace leaders are now accountable for employee burnout. There is an additional focus on advancements […]

The necessity of a degree in the business world

Entering the business field can be challenging. It raises the question of whether a degree or business degree is required. Experience and skills Frédéric Bigras is FBIC Ingénérie’s owner and electric engineer and Quicker.Cloud’s owner. He is Le Centre de congrès de Thetford et La cache du Domaine’s co-owner. He has a Collège Montmorency diploma […]