Small Business

Speaking out

Within a diverse workforce, various creative ideas can be shared. These ideas can boost profits, organization, efficiency and more within a business. On the other hand, having a diverse workforce also means supporting everyone’s unique challenges.  Employees can struggle when they feel open communication with leadership is inaccessible. Whether it’s communicating an incredible idea or […]

Pursuing a small business in a tough economy

It’s no secret that small businesses affect the economy. In fact, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) released statistics on it.  According to the BDC, small- and medium-sized businesses alone contribute 54 per cent of Canada’s gross domestic product. They also account for 98 per cent of the country’s businesses, employing more than 8.4 […]

Celebrating differences

Diversity has become an even more relevant topic when discussing the development of a work team. Many young business owners are busy playing catch-up because amplifying diverse voices wasn’t prioritized until recently.  Diversity represents differences in race, religion and gender identity. Differences in those pillars of identity promote diversity. However, Sciencedirect stated that diversity also […]

Embracing the hybrid model for small businesses

In the past year, Canadian employees have proved that their work performance remains unhindered when switching from the conference table to the comforts of home. Some say their productivity performance has improved while working remotely or within a hybrid model.  In 2021, Statistics Canada reported that 90 per cent of white-collar employee participants’ productivity remained […]

20 business terms to learn 

Communication is key to running a successful business. But communicating can become tricky when it involves confusing terminology used by business-savvy colleagues.  To avoid confusion, it’s important to develop a general understanding of business jargon. This glossary will help business professionals looking to brush up on their vocabulary or those interested in having well-informed discussions. […]