Small Business

How small businesses can collect feedback from customers while respecting privacy

It’s crucial for businesses to gain insight from the customers who support them. By gaining valuable insight, business owners can see how customers perceive aspects of their company, such as their products, customer service and website. Additionally, they can use data collection methods to understand how their business can improve and connect with customers through […]

Equitable entrepreneurship: Resources for business owners from marginalized groups

Starting and maintaining a business can be difficult. However, business owners from marginalized communities face unique obstacles, making succeeding in the business world even harder. Factors such as race, gender and sexual orientation have historically prevented marginalized individuals from receiving opportunities. While some work has been done to change this, there is still a long […]

Small business spotlight: Squibb’s Stationers

From the minute you walk in the door of Squibb’s Stationers, the difference between the shop and big-store chains is obvious. The locally-owned, independent shop offers an atmosphere that corporate businesses can’t replicate. Tucked away in Weston Village, a neighbourhood in northwest Toronto, the store seems like something out of a fairytale. With its creaky […]

For-profits supporting non-profits

Nowadays, small businesses have an obligation to support the community they conduct business in. Although small businesses already add aesthetic value to the community by providing unique and locally made products, another step in the right direction involves partnering with non-profit organizations in the community. Non-profit organizations are slightly different from charitable organizations. According to […]

Cafés and communities: Why coffee lovers should support local coffee shops

Almost everyone can enjoy a great cup of coffee, and it’s no surprise that the coffee market is heavily saturated and continues to grow. There are approximately 7,000 coffee and snack shops currently in Canada. In 2022, the Canadian coffee market was worth $5.3 billion, and the number of coffee shops grew 1.2 per cent. […]

Business strategies for arts and crafts

Arts and crafts have become big business. One example is Etsy, which has increased in revenue and usage every year since 2010. In 2020, Etsy sellers sold US $10.3 billion to the platform’s 89 million active buyers.  Many people want to monetize their creative hobbies, and some entrepreneurs have been successful doing so. According to […]

Speaking out

Within a diverse workforce, various creative ideas can be shared. These ideas can boost profits, organization, efficiency and more within a business. On the other hand, having a diverse workforce also means supporting everyone’s unique challenges.  Employees can struggle when they feel open communication with leadership is inaccessible. Whether it’s communicating an incredible idea or […]