Boom, fizzle, BOOM: Navigating e-commerce in the post-pandemic world

Over the last couple of years, the e-commerce landscape has changed extraordinarily. The COVID-19 pandemic amplified e-commerce sales as consumers were forced to shop online due to lockdown restrictions. However, this rapid growth came to a halt after in-person shopping resumed. This resulted in multiple e-commerce companies laying off employees, including Amazon, which cut 27,000 […]

Canadian storefronts are sitting empty. Here’s why that’s detrimental to communities

Some downtowns in Canadian cities feel emptier than ever. The so-called “retail apocalypse,” a term coined in 2017, has been an ongoing problem for several years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated the shuttering of retail spaces.  Some brick-and-mortar spaces survived by rapidly adapting to a new retail landscape, such as restaurants converting into grocery […]

Enhancing and expanding your business through non-profit partnerships

With rapid consumerism deeply immersing the 21st century, consumers can easily dismiss their moral compass as they shop. This is an indication of consumer culture, which describes a lifestyle whereby people view buying and selling goods as an important determiner of social organization, significance and meaning. This viewpoint plays a significant part in people’s outlook […]

The necessity of newcomer-owned businesses

Canada accepts hundreds of thousands of newcomers every year. 2022 was a record-breaking year, with Canada welcoming 437,180 immigrants. Newcomers often have big aspirations when they migrate to Canada. This is why many pursue post-secondary education or start their own businesses. Despite research and statistics proving their benefits to the Canadian economy, there are still […]

Canada’s current industry landscape: Which industries are dying and thriving?

Canada has seen many changes in the profitability of its industries, especially at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many industries have begun to decline, while others have managed to flourish. Aspiring business owners may wonder which industries are currently viable to tap into. Continue reading to learn about some of Canada’s growing and declining […]

How Ontario businesses are stepping up to help end homelessness

Toronto has 10,000 homeless people, making it the city in Canada with the largest homeless population. People can become homeless for a variety of reasons. Some prominent causes include poverty, abuse, lack of employment and housing, substance use and ,mental health issues. Although 44 per cent of all homeless shelters in Canada are based in […]

Cafés and communities: Why coffee lovers should support local coffee shops

Almost everyone can enjoy a great cup of coffee, and it’s no surprise that the coffee market is heavily saturated and continues to grow. There are approximately 7,000 coffee and snack shops currently in Canada. In 2022, the Canadian coffee market was worth $5.3 billion, and the number of coffee shops grew 1.2 per cent. […]

United we stand: Inside the new union boom

Organized labour movements have been on the rise lately. Several high-profile cases have indicated that many employees want their workplaces to unionize. Starbucks stores across the United States chose to unionize throughout 2022, leading to more than 250 locations unionizing that year. Around the same time, Amazon workers at a New York warehouse made history […]

The future of Canada depends on female entrepreneurs

Yearly, an average of 41 per cent of small businesses are reported to contribute to Canada’s gross domestic product. 12.8 per cent of medium businesses contribute to it.  However, women are less inclined to start a business, taking up only 16 per cent of entrepreneurs. Women from racialized and disabled groups are even less inclined […]