Pursuing your purpose: navigating a career change

At a young age, society expects people to pick the career they want to work in for the rest of their lives. They will typically select a degree that satisfies the requirements of their career objectives and study for years before entering the workforce. However, this is a demanding task since interests can change often. […]

Funding your future: Five scholarships for Ontario business students

Post-secondary education is expensive, and finding external financial aid can sometimes be challenging. It can be hard knowing where to begin looking. However, financial support is out there and readily available. Here is a list of some scholarships available for business students in Ontario. Double A Solutions Annual Scholarship This scholarship is available for any […]

How to upgrade your skills with continuing education programs

Learning is a life-long process. Many individuals return to school to refine their skills even after completing a degree. Some take courses to update or add to their current knowledge. Others venture into new learning opportunities to fill gaps in their knowledge. Regardless of the intention, continuing education is a viable option to help individuals […]

Climbing the ladder: An introduction to the C-suite

The C-suite (“chief” suite) consists of the highest-ranking ranking individuals in a company. Each title derives from the specific area the executive handles. For example, COO stands for chief operating officer. The C-suite ensures that a company’s departments work together to run smoothly. According to columnist and copywriter Tom Regan, obtaining a chief position requires […]

Reclaiming your happiness: walking away from a toxic work environment

In 2022, the World Health Organization reported that 60 per cent of the population is in the workforce. The report also found that poor working environments, including discrimination and inequality, excessive workloads and job insecurity, can lead to mental distress. Although workplaces should provide healthy work environments so employees can be productive and feel fulfilled, […]

Resumes, CVs and cover letters, oh my!

Resumes, CVs and cover letters are some of the most common and important job application documents. All three provide hiring managers with an overview of an applicant’s skills and experience. However, each of these documents function differently and have specific uses, making it essential to understand when and how to use them. Read ahead to […]

Satisfaction guaranteed:The benefits of internship programs for students and employers

Internships have been growing in popularity worldwide, and many companies now offer internship programs, especially to post-secondary students. To students, these programs can bridge the gap between their in-class learning and real-world experience. However, internships also provide many benefits to the employers that offer them. Benefits to students The most obvious benefit to students is […]

How to advance your career and upgrade your skills without going back to school

A common challenge many Canadians face is feeling stuck in their jobs and dissatisfied with their careers. A 2022 survey by Léger found that 24 per cent of workers are less satisfied with their jobs compared to 2021. However, many Canadians cannot find time to go to school and pursue a new career. What if […]

Six ways to create a calmer workspace

It is well known that high stress levels are detrimental to workplace productivity. An article by CAMH shows that prolonged stress can lead to decreased concentration, memory problems and difficulty with decision-making. Other research shows that stress can lead to presenteeism, where employees are physically present at work but cannot function to their full capabilities.  […]