Satisfaction guaranteed:The benefits of internship programs for students and employers

Internships have been growing in popularity worldwide, and many companies now offer internship programs, especially to post-secondary students. To students, these programs can bridge the gap between their in-class learning and real-world experience. However, internships also provide many benefits to the employers that offer them. Benefits to students The most obvious benefit to students is […]

How to advance your career and upgrade your skills without going back to school

A common challenge many Canadians face is feeling stuck in their jobs and dissatisfied with their careers. A 2022 survey by Léger found that 24 per cent of workers are less satisfied with their jobs compared to 2021. However, many Canadians cannot find time to go to school and pursue a new career. What if […]

Six ways to create a calmer workspace

It is well known that high stress levels are detrimental to workplace productivity. An article by CAMH shows that prolonged stress can lead to decreased concentration, memory problems and difficulty with decision-making. Other research shows that stress can lead to presenteeism, where employees are physically present at work but cannot function to their full capabilities.  […]

What you need to know about AI-proofing your career

The rapid growth of artificial intelligence (AI) has disrupted the status quo across many industries, prompting demands for strong regulatory oversight. AI is a branch of computer science concerned with building systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as learning and performing creative tasks. While this may seem exciting, there is […]

Five lesser-known business careers

When thinking of careers in business, some imagine starting a business or chief executive officers leading meetings in conference rooms. In reality, many sectors, departments and roles are available within the business field. It’s important for youth considering careers in business to know their options. Below is a list of lesser-known careers to consider. Donor […]

Stuck in your role? Make yourself replaceable

Making yourself irreplaceable at work may be harmful to career growth. So why do some career advisors suggest the opposite?  Being irreplaceable is often considered a net positive professional asset. This may not be the case, according to a growing number of career experts. “I was basically completely stuck at my job for years,” says […]