Funding your future: Five scholarships for Ontario business students

Post-secondary education is expensive, and finding external financial aid can sometimes be challenging. It can be hard knowing where to begin looking. However, financial support is out there and readily available. Here is a list of some scholarships available for business students in Ontario.

Double A Solutions Annual Scholarship

This scholarship is available for any incoming or current post-secondary students studying and is open to students in Canada and the United States. The only other requirement is that applicants and their immediate family members are not employed by Double A Solutions.

Applicants must write an essay of 800 words or more on one of seven topics. Some topics include:

  • Discuss techniques used by successful sales reps
  • Describe the steps to managing a team comprehensively
  • Discuss the importance of good company culture

The winner will receive $1,000.

Melissa Weekes Business & Marketing Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is offered for students beginning or in the middle of their post-secondary education.

Applicants are required to write an article of at least 1,000 words based on the following prompt: “How digital marketing will change in the 2020s.” The article must be posted online and available for public access. Applicants may post their articles to their school’s website, a blog or other public platform. The article must reference at least three reliable sources, one of which must relate to

$1,000 will be awarded to the winner to use in their upcoming semester of study.

FormSwift Scholarship

This scholarship is available for students entering or already enrolled in a post-secondary institution. Applicants must not be employed by or directly related to employees of FormSwift.

Unlike many scholarships, this one does not require applicants to write an essay. Instead, applicants must create an infographic outlining a business plan in one of the following industries: start-up, restaurant, non-profit, transportation or clothing.

The winner will be awarded $1,000.

Export Development Canada (EDC) Scholarships

EDC offers up to 20 scholarships each year. Each scholarship targets a specific group to support business students of diverse backgrounds. This includes scholarships for Black, Indigenous and 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

Applicants must produce a statement of intent. This can be a 1,000-word essay or a three to five-minute video. Applicants must also provide a resume or portfolio highlighting their experience working or studying abroad. Finally, a reference letter from a previous instructor, employer or other relevant individual is also required.

Winners of each scholarship are awarded $5,000. 

James Lee Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is available for students looking to enter the advertising industry. As it is targeted toward creative talent, applicants can have a background in any creative field related to advertising. Some examples include writing, film, illustration and graphic design.

Applicants must be at least 16 years old and in the process of completing a post-secondary degree. To apply, applicants must provide a portfolio of their work containing a maximum of 10 pieces. Their portfolio must be accompanied by a 1,000-character paragraph explaining how the money will help to support them on their creative journey.

The winner will be awarded a minimum of $5,000 to support their education.

Keep in mind that while it’s great to explore external scholarships, most post-secondary schools and their faculties have several scholarships and bursaries available for their students. Continue to research options on your school’s website to see what options are viable for you and your education goals.

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