Spend your green at green businesses: sustainable businesses to support in Ontario

In recent years, sustainable product sales have increased substantially. A report by TheRoundup found that Google searches related to sustainable products increased by around 130 per cent between 2017 and 2022. The report also found that 78 per cent of consumers believe sustainability is important, and 84 per cent say that poor environmental practices can alienate them from a brand or company.

Several businesses have implemented sustainable practices to varying degrees, which can serve as inspiration for other companies. Here is a list of some Ontario businesses that have prioritized sustainability.

Unboxed Market

Committed to offering a zero-waste shopping experience, Unboxed Market is a grocery store located in Toronto that requires customers to bring their own containers to shop with. Products are priced by weight, so customers weigh their containers before shopping, then subtract the container weight after filling it with groceries.

By bringing their own containers, customers can control how much they buy and reduce their food waste.


The issue of sustainable packaging is nothing new, and Rootree has had a significant impact on helping Canadian businesses transform their practices into more sustainable ones. Based in Burlington, Ont., Rootree offers a variety of services such as various eco-friendly packaging options, providing digital printing to reduce ink usage and supporting businesses just launching on their path to sustainability.

Rootree also practices sustainability in its operations by powering its facilities and offices with renewable energy, planting trees and partnering with other companies to produce environment-friendly products, such as shirts made from recycled bottles.

Steam Whistle Brewery

Steam Whistle Brewery crafts beer that sticks to tradition and simplicity. Their beer is brewed right in the heart of Toronto using just spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast.

The brewery engages in several sustainable practices. Their bottles are created with a higher percentage of glass, allowing them to be reused more often. The company also asks customers to return the bottles after consumption so they can reuse them. Additionally, they use a painted logo on their bottles instead of a printed label, eliminating paper waste, ink and glue from their products.

Original Genes

Upcycling and reusing old clothing are great sustainable practices, and Original Genes adds a personal touch to the process. This company customizes used clothing with hand-painted designs, giving them a second life. The company’s artists work one-on-one with each customer to ensure each design is unique.

Original Genes also shares their sustainable practices with others by offering virtual painting sessions and workshops to teach people how to customize their own clothing.

Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog Power, a leader in green energy, works to make sustainable energy sources available to businesses across Canada. Their clean energy sources include wind and solar farms, low-impact hydro projects and green natural gas producers. They have helped countless companies and individuals, displacing over two million tonnes of carbon emissions through their work. 

They also fund community-based sustainable energy projects for schools, non-profits and Indigenous communities, bringing clean energy to places where it was not previously available.

There are many ways to promote sustainability in a business, and the companies listed here are great examples. Businesses can focus their overall operations around sustainability or adapt their current practices to become more sustainable. Either way, sustainability is an ongoing process, and businesses can always grow and find ways to implement new practices.

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