Snail mail or reliable classic: Is email marketing still effective?

With the growing popularity of social media, does email still have a place among today’s marketing strategies? Just as email seemed to overshadow more traditional marketing methods before it, will social media make email marketing less effective? Read ahead to learn about the future of email marketing and if businesses should be redirecting their marketing […]

Finding your type: Choosing the right font for your business

Different fonts can lend different feelings to the businesses that use them. Whether on a website, a poster or any other media, your chosen font is essential to building your business’s identity. Fonts can help communicate your brand’s value and create a connection with your target audience. Keep reading to learn more about the different […]

The rise of minimalism in branding: Is less really more?

Many brand logos have recently switched to a minimalist style, opting for simpler designs rather than elaborate detail. For example, the Burger King logo lost its blue swoop and angled text, while the Pringles logo mascot, Mr.P, lost more intricate features, including his hair. Are these changes beneficial? Is minimalist design always the way to […]

How the body positivity movement in marketing is advocating for inclusion over idealism

One of marketing’s prime functions is to reflect all different types of people so that viewers can resonate with the advertising they see daily. To accurately depict people’s differences, marketing campaigns must showcase different people in their advertisements and demonstrate that their products are accessible to a wide audience. One of the ways that businesses […]

Can you build it? Yes, you can: Popular website builders for business owners

Websites are essential for any small business, yet not everyone has the skills and knowledge necessary to build one from the ground up. From coding to designing, crafting a website from scratch can seem daunting. However, there are several website-building services available that offer a wide range of ready-made templates to use. Many of these […]

Green or greenwashing? What is greenwashing and how to identify it

Consumers deserve transparency about the products they buy and where they buy them from. About 72 per cent of consumers believe that transparency is highly important and would switch to brands that offer more in-depth data. However, some companies favour profit over an honest relationship with consumers. One of the main ways companies draw in […]

Product- or service-based businesses

According to Indeed, a business market is “a method a company uses to sell products or services.” A business market’s size fluctuates with the number of customers. Knowing and understanding the different types of business markets can help you determine how to market to your ideal consumers. Business-to-consumer market Businesses in this market advertise and […]

Logo design 101

When creating a business identity, it’s important to consider how recognizable a brand will be. Much of this has to do with having a memorable logo. Colours play a big part in achieving that. Brands become attached to their logos, making it impossible to imagine one without the other. More importantly, it becomes difficult to […]