Product- or service-based businesses

According to Indeed, a business market is “a method a company uses to sell products or services.” A business market’s size fluctuates with the number of customers. Knowing and understanding the different types of business markets can help you determine how to market to your ideal consumers. Business-to-consumer market Businesses in this market advertise and […]

Getting the message across

Mission statements are commonly known as  organizational tools for employees. However, not enough professionals have been recognizing mission statements as potential marketing tools.   Consumers want to understand a business’ intentions and goals before becoming loyal customers. Mission statements can communicate this to conscious consumers and draw in the target audience if written effectively.   In simpler […]

Crunching the numbers

Social media analytics can be very useful for business owners, offering relevant information about their audiences. Each platform presents its analytics in a different way. It’s best to explore each one in order to maximize the effectiveness of social media marketing. Instagram, Twitter and TikTok provide rundowns of their respective analytics pages on each of […]